You’ve completed the custom home, and the final step is to take the client through the walk-through and deliver the keys.

But, are you sure that the home is ready for delivery? Construction dust has a way of drifting everywhere, and your client will notice those little streaks that you didn’t.

You take pride in your work, and you only want your clients to see the beautiful workmanship. Ensure that nothing mars the delivery of the project by having AmeriGlass come in to clean the windows before the final walk-through. After all, no new construction project in Kansas City is complete before a professional window cleaning.

Bring in the sunshine

You don’t realize how dingy the windows become during the construction process. Inside the home, dust from sanding drywall drifts onto the panes. Paint can splatter on the glass. Outside the home, the dust that’s kicked up by construction vehicles settles over the windows to make them cloudy. If you aren’t careful with cleaning, streaks will be left behind, and that won’t make the right impression on your customers.

With our professional service, your new home’s windows are cleaned inside and out. The sun can shine in through the clean windows to reflect off your fantastic tile floors and highlight the beautiful wood trim. Rather than being distracted by fingerprints, dust and grime on the windows, your client will notice all the great features that set you apart as a contractor.

Great customer service brings you more business in the future

Regardless of your advertising budget, positive referrals are the best way to get new customers.

Clients who are thrilled with your work will pass your name around, and that helps you continue to build your business. Delivering an immaculately clean house is a sign that you care about customer satisfaction. It shows that you pay close attention to detail and are committed to delivering a high-quality product. While your client may not notice the sparkling windows, they will notice if the window are less than perfect, and that can cast a shadow over the final walk-through.

Improve the curb appeal of your new Kansas City home

The windows are visible from both the interior and exterior of the home. As your clients pull into the driveway, you want them to notice how clean and fresh the house is. This means the siding should be clean, all construction debris should be removed, and the windows should be artfully polished. When the windows are gleaming in the sun, it improves the curb appeal of the home. It also sets the right tone for the final walk-through and delivery.

Make an impression on potential customers

But you aren’t just trying to make an impression on your current clients. People who live in the area and buyers who are looking for a builder will take note of how the finished home looks.

These consumers probably won’t walk through a completed home that’s being delivered to another client, but they’ll still draw conclusions from the home’s exterior. When the windows are clean and all the little details are taken care of, they’ll be impressed with your commitment to customer service. The perception will be that you take pride in your work, and they’ll remember that when they’re ready to buy a new home.

You’ve spent months building the home, and it’s time for the final delivery. You want everything to be perfect, and that includes cleaning the windows.

Rather than having your experienced and skilled crew deal with this mundane task, let the team at AmeriGlass Cleaning take care of it for you. We’ll remove construction dust, clean the fingerprints, scrape off any stray paint and ensure that your windows look perfect. We have reasonable rates and offer prompt service, so call us today to schedule your new construction window cleaning services.