If you’re a business owner or property manager who’s responsible for a two-story or less commercial building in the Kansas City area, Ameriglass Cleaning’s Window Cleaning can make your property shine. The importance of a first impression when customers and clients approach your establishment can’t be overstated.

As a property manager, you’re well aware of the many empty office spaces available, so it’s important to keep your current tenants happy and to present a clean, happy face to potential new businesses looking for a home.

If you’re a Kansas City business owner, you’re invested in all aspects of your business. Clients and employees alike feel better when the sun shines through clear glass instead of through the haze of months of dust and rain, or worse yet, the smears of an unprofessional window cleaning job. You wouldn’t meet a client in a rumpled suit or with a bad case of bed-head… Why would you invite them to your office if it’s less than sparkling?

The liability to you if you have an employee who is responsible for window cleaning increases along with your worker’s compensation premium. Let Ameriglass Cleaning assume both the responsibility and liability while you get on with the business of your business. We’ll be happy to fax or email a copy of our proof of insurance so you can verify the date and amount of coverage.

We’ll suggest a window cleaning schedule, but, in the end, it’s up to you if you want your windows washed once a year or once a week. Springtime and just before Thanksgiving are busy times of the year, so try to schedule your work a few weeks ahead during these times. Keep in mind your special events too, like an open house, where you definitely want to put your best foot forward.

Windows are exposed to the elements and can be marred by hard water spots and mineral deposits if not properly maintained. We can help. We work around your schedule and won’t interfere with the flow of business coming in and out of your building. Our professionals offer consistent quality, on-time performance, and your complete satisfaction. If any window is less than perfect, they’ll redo it—but our staff is trained to get it right the first time.

Give us a call at 816.407.1410┬áto schedule an on-site service estimate for your Kansas City commercial building’s window cleaning.