Window Cleaning Services for Kansas City Restaurants

Would you eat in a restaurant that has obviously dirty windows?

It’s common knowledge that customers will avoid patronizing restaurants that have filthy restrooms. However, not everyone realizes that a dirty window is just as important in telling patrons that the establishment doesn’t take pride in the way it serves customers.

The result is that you lose opportunities to win new diners and discourage regulars from continuing their patronage. A restaurant’s dirty windows are like a stop sign that says “Do Not Eat Here!

That’s why restaurant owners & managers in Greater Kansas City have come to rely upon the professionals at Ameriglass Cleaning to keep their windows sparkling clean.

Boost your business with consistently clean windows

Clean windows ensure that potential customers can easily glance inside and see your restaurant’s decor and the customers as they enjoy their meals.

What’s more, spotless windows are essential for letting in sunshine and giving your establishment a pleasant atmosphere during the day.

Diners often enjoy sitting next to a window so they can people-watch as they enjoy their meal. If you force them to gaze out of a dirty window, they won’t get the maximum enjoyment from their meal. All things being equal, customers would prefer to eat in a place that not only serves delicious food, but that also pays attention to details such as clean & clear windows.

Your employees should focus on the food

Sometimes restaurateurs are tempted to cut costs by asking their employees to take care of the window cleaning duties. However, you hired your employees as food professionals. In many cases, they will simply not have the requisite skills to keep your windows clean—you’ll be left with spotty, streaked windows that are barely better than before.

It’s best to let your employees stick to their core talents—planning menus, preparing food, serving meals, and clearing tables, rather than assigning them cleanup duty for which they are unprepared. Professional window cleaners will work much more efficiently, saving you time & money, and getting you a better result to boot.

What to look for in a restaurant window cleaner

It’s crucial to choose a professional window cleaning company that has a track record of keeping establishments spotless. Just as you depend on consistent delivery schedules for your meat & produce, you should demand that your cleaning crew arrive on time, every time.

Furthermore, you’ll want a restaurant window cleaning company that will accommodate your schedule. If you need us to come in during regular business hours, rest assured that we will get the job done without interrupting your operations or disturbing your guests. We are also happy to come during off-hours, if that is more suitable for your business.

When it comes to pricing, it’s a good idea to hire a company that offers flexible and affordable pricing. We’ll come up with a customized cleaning plan to meet your restaurant’s exact needs.

We are devoted to providing excellent customer service. Our team will be happy to redo any window if you determine that the work was less than perfect. We know how important clean windows are to the image of your restaurant.

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