Residential window cleaning in Kansas City and Liberty

Window cleaning for Kansas City homes

Ameriglass Cleaning service can help protect and beautify your home’s windows.

A professional window cleaning service can noticeably improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. Our professionals at Ameriglass Cleaning have the tools and equipment to make sure your windows are 100% streak-free and clear of water spots.

We’ll clean the areas around the windows to remove spider webs or other debris. We thoroughly clean screens, window sills and frames to give your home a fresh, clean appearance. We can also scrub hard-to-reach areas like storm windows and skylights.

Why have a professional clean your windows?

  • Brighten your whole home by getting rid of tough dirt & grime.
  • Prepare for guests (especially around the holidays).
  • Make your home more marketable when selling.

There’s more to cleaning your windows than meets the eye.

Cleaning your windows is an important part of maintaining your home. Window glass can become permeated with hard minerals from sprinkler systems or building run off. They can also undergo oxidation from metal screens or frames. Acid rain and sea spray can degrade glass over time as well. Windows are often subjected to overspray from paint, chalk or other materials. Since glass is porous, it can easily become polluted by airborne contaminates such as smoke or dust. Our window cleaning services help Kansas City homeowners protect their windows from degradation, making them last longer.

We also offer gutter cleaning

Ameriglass Cleaning provides professional gutter cleaning services as well.

Many home owners tend to overlook gutter maintenance until they experience a problem. Debris can collect in gutters and prevent drainage of water away from the home. This can lead to major home repairs. It can cause damage to drywall, soffits and fascia. Clogged gutters may also cause roof leaks or water damage that can wreak havoc on the foundation of your home. The debris that collects in gutters can provide a nesting ground for termites, birds, mosquitoes, and other insects.

We can ensure that your gutters are cleaned of any debris that may clog drainage. Our professional gutter cleaning services will prevent costly damage to your home and help maintain its value.

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